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We need to sort out this religous thing!

"But that means our Government is all wrong"?! "That's unbelievable"!

How many times do you get stuck in a "Loop" conversation?!

But it's the Law! The "Law" of the land. Yeh, right!

What Difference Does it make? It doesn't matter!

There are 3 types of people!

Racist? are you kidding?

Why stuff is the way it is

Free Markets are evil! Really?
Evil free Markets. Really?

Student to Rabbi..."I would like to learn Talmud"

Do you beleive in God
Do I believe in God?
Does God exist?

Warning: This may be a difficult/confronting read/realisation for some! If you're easily offended or stressed by others? STOP! You've been warned!

"What Difference Does it make"?
"What can I do"?
"It wont change"!
"It's always been like this"!
"I can't Change it"!

Therefore you don't matter!

How many times have you suggested change? How many times have you offered...
"If we could just do..."
"If they would just change..."
"Why don't they?..."
"My one vote doesn't matter. It wont make any difference"!

This being the case? You don't matter! What difference does it make? Answ: NONE!

So, you're of no value?! Just a cog in the wheel? Just one voice in a sea of noise?!

OK! Harsh reality, yeh?

Well, why do you spend so much time thinking about you?

We've agreed you're helpless. We've agreed that anything you do doesn't matter.
Why, then, would you spend so much time thinking about you? Thinking about stuff that doesn't matter? YOU!

AAAhhhh We're getting somewhere aren't wee?

Why then not think about stuff that does matter? Why then not think about what does have impact? Does have an effect on change?

There are some areas of life where you can and should have influence, if you want to matter?

  • Your Family! numero uno! No question!
  • Your Friends
  • Your community
  • Your business (Not your job! Your job influences you! Not the other way around. That doesn't matter!)
  • The politics and beliefs of your country/society/culture

We have, now, established the only way to matter?... is to affect others around you and the environment they find themselves in.

Why then have you allowed all those that have influenced you, friends, associates, teachers, media and media personalities, academics, tv psychs, social justice warriors, social media, activists, politicians, bureaucrats to convince you that you do matter?
Answ: So all you'll think about is yourself!

if you're thinking about yourself? You can't be thinking about what matters!

Have you noticed the freedom those that matter to you have lost?
Have you noticed the imposition's of authority on those that matter?
Have you noticed the regulation constraining those that can have influence?

Of course not! You've been thinking of yourself. As trained!

You want to matter? Change it! Think about what matters.
The first problem?... Freedom of speech, freedom of action. Influence it! And it doesn't include you. You don't matter!

What is opensource?

Why do you use the operating system you use?

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