You’re entitled to an education!

Really? Or at least an indoctrination! “Group identity and outrage culture dominate public schools.  Children learn to pose as victims despite enjoying a standard of living unmatched in human history and by 95% of the world’s current population.  Instead of learning to function as unique beings with free choice and that the smallest minority is an individual […]

The Law!

Please tell me your joking?! OK!, Lets see. There are laws that physicists use. The “Laws” of the universe. They are observable everywhere. No matter where in time and/or space you’re observing from.Mathematicians have laws of mathematics. You’ve heard the term “Mathematics is a universal language”?It makes no difference where in the universe you are… […]

Ya brain is still using 100’s of millions of years old circuitry

So, it turns out that if you inject the same anti-depressant, dopamine, serotonin re-uptake inhibitors etc. into 100’s of millions of years old brains (Reptiles, shell fish etc.)? The reactions are the same as for humans This means the circuits effected?… are 100’s of millions of years old. Makes sense, right? Well, what it also […]

We need to sort out this religious thing!

People running around blaming religion for this. Religion for that. Religion for the other. Stop it! Just, stop it! THINK! FFS! Why religion is as necessary as breathing! AAAnnnddd is part of DNA, genes, epigenetics, eugenics the whole box’n’dice and Evolution! SEP! Religion is Darwinian! And empirical! AAAnnndddd unavoidable! Here’s how it goes… Bazzilions of […]

Why do you believe what you believe?…

What can we learn from monkeys? What have you learned so far? Imagine… 5 Monkeys in a room. A banana on top of a ladder. 1 monkey climbs the ladder to retrieve the banana and the other’s are squirted with water.Another climbs and the other’s, again, are squirted. And another, and more squirting.Monkeys aren’t silly! […]