Ya brain is still using 100’s of millions of years old circuitry

So, it turns out that if you inject the same anti-depressant, dopamine, serotonin re-uptake inhibitors etc. into 100’s of millions of years old brains (Reptiles, shell fish etc.)? The reactions are the same as for humans

This means the circuits effected?… are 100’s of millions of years old. Makes sense, right?

Well, what it also means is that the subconscious systems, that the bio chemistry generates and uses?.. Yep!… 100’s of millions years old.
OK! We’ve established you’re as old as f!

Now, the primary method of learning is copying

At some point another brain was gettin’ all the chicks and a different brain that wasn’t? Copied what the brain that was gettin’ all the chicks was doing to get all the chicks.

That means observation, evaluation, PATTERN spotting!

Pattern picking is 100’s of millions of years old as well. Crocodiles still do it when observing behaviour of prey at waters edge. They’ll starve ’emselves for months to make sure they “Pick the pattern”

So, Pattern picking is old as f as well! And subconscious! How do we know that? It’s instinctual, and now biological and all species on earth do it. How do we know “all”? Well, the species that couldn’t pick/observe patterns are extinct and even some that could, but had another disadvantages, are as well.

Well, That means we’ve been “watching” each other, and other stuff, for eons

“Watch him, son, you’ll learn something”!
“Watch how I do this and learn”!
You get the idea?!

Lets take this a step further?…

What if what you wanted to copy/emulate?… What you couldn’t see or observe?
You’d have to introduce your imagination or memory or figure out the elements that lead to success from other observations. “She has a great way of dealing with kids. What’s she doing that I’m not”?. So you will take elements or select the behavioural elements and build yourself a library (incidentally?… Thats what the Word bible means, Library 😉 ) of actions that lead to a “better way”

You’re not building an imaginary friend are you?;-)