What is money?

Well, that’s easy! “Money is the root of all evil”!

BBBzzzzzz, WRONG!

That is one of the most misquoted quotes on in history!

First?!.. “The love of money is the root of evil” is the actual phrase. Which demands the question… ” What is Love”?

So, “Money is the root of evil”!… Isn’t the answer to “What is money”!

To figure this out? We need to observe what is ACTUALLY happening when money changes hands and wanders around and through “The System” And we must agree what represents value! We must agree on what we’re going to use to represents money and therefore value!

OK!… When an individual wants to buy something, it can be a service, a product, a commodity, it doesn’t matter which. When they’re making a purchase or trying to decide on what to purchase from all the choices they know of?… What they’re actually doing is deciding which claim, from all the various suppliers, satisfies their wants, needs, desires the most.

So, the suppliers are making claims about which product, service or commodity best supplies what the buyer wants. Or, the buyer publicises what they’re looking for? And others claim to be able to satisfy that need or want.

In either scenario? What’s required is a demand and a claim to satisfy that demand. The way to work out if the 2 can meet?, is a series of questions and answers (dialog) back and forth.

Once the 2 meet and agree to exchange the value that the money represents? There is agreement! The buyer has asked of anyone can supply anything to meet a need or want and the supplier has claimed they can and they’ve discussed the situation and agreed to a value of exchange

What’s actually happened?… Is the buyer has, honestly, expressed what they need or want and the supplier has promised to be able to provide a solution

Money is exchanged and the 2 wander away happier

The exchange Money is the confirmation of honest expression of a problem and someone agreeing to solve it!
It’s how we know whether or not someone is capable of honest and knowledgeable, and even wise if you like?, expression of a problem and a solution offered by other/s

Money is proof of the ability of the person that holds it?… to hold up their end of an agreement to solve a problem for someone else

The actual question?!…
What are you demanding others provide for you, what have you agreed to and what are they, in turn, going to demand of others with the value of the money you’ve empowered them with?

What’s money? It’s a moral and cultural blacksmith. It hammers and forges society and culture. If what you love is the actual money? The societal and cultural shape will be manipulated by those “others” who love the effect money can have of those “In Love” with it

Money is a way of knowing what an individual has agreed to, previously, and how many they’ve been able agree with, and what their agreements are worth