We need to sort out this religious thing!

People running around blaming religion for this. Religion for that. Religion for the other.

Stop it! Just, stop it! THINK! FFS!

Why religion is as necessary as breathing! AAAnnnddd is part of DNA, genes, epigenetics, eugenics the whole box’n’dice and Evolution!

SEP! Religion is Darwinian! And empirical! AAAnnndddd unavoidable!

Here’s how it goes…

Bazzilions of years ago, today’s human ancestors had monkey’s as close cousins. Some still do =D In fact? My wife claims… never mind 🙂

If we observe basic Monkey behavior ? The dominant monkey chases other, horny, monkeys away from the lady monkey’s that have tempted ’em into their “Lady Trap”. Poor saps! LOL =D These “Lady” monkeys will get it on with anything that’s got anythin’ swingin’. This has been an enormously successful evolutionary strategy. How do we know?… Their genes survived eons of doin’ this crap! With very little modification. How do we know that? They’re still here!

Now. The hierarchy of these tossers is determined by dominance. With the most tyrannical or least reciprocratic (I just invented a word I think?) torn to shreds, literally (Brutal f’ers!), usually, by an alliance of other tossers that aint happy with the said tyranny.

Now! The oldest, WRITTEN! Creation story known to man describes Marduk negotiating with the people to create order from chaos as long he’s made top god. He does this by tearing the other Gods to pieces and distributing their bits all over the place and making the rest of the world out of ’em.

Monkey hierarchy? Anyone?Capitalism anyone? Asset fire-sale? Creating other businesses from the pieces of the failed?
Apparently… Even God’s aren’t “too big to fail”!
But banks are, now, beyond God’s. Take other people’s money to subsidise, otherwise failing, businesses, because, ya know “Muh jobs”?!?!
That’s all just sick AF!!
Monkey hierarchy anyone?
Wanna elect Trump to drain the swamp, and restore order?


Eve tempting Adam (there’s that monkey thing again?!?) with the tree of knowledge? Adam’n’eve acquiring said knowledge (Grown up!) and tossed out of the garden of Eden (Home) to make the rest of the world! Well der Fred! That’s what happens!

Genesis also describes, in a round about way, the moment of separation of humans from animals. Self awareness and knowledge. The ability to learn! Consciousnesses!!!!

So, while animals operate on instinct (sub-conscious) and have no crap clue of yesterday or tomorrow. Humans do! While retaining their sub-conscious (Gotta keep the lungs, heart, breathing reflexes, porn on the internet etc. running)

I suspect God is on the border of the sub-conscious and conscious somewhere. Or having the conscious interact with the sub-conscious in some how.

Religion, generally, seems like it’s trying to get a handle on it.


Religion! Acted out everyday! In every decision! In every thought! It’s in the DNA! It’s evolved. Modified the brain, along with other wacky stuff, like blokes tryin’ to figure out what women want, or even what they’re talkin’ about?! LOL =D through DNA over gargatuan’gazzillions of years. It aint goin’ no-where!

The actual question isn’t “Religion” itself! It’s which one?!? Which one provides the freedom and liberty for the most questioning of brute force and brutal power and therefore the possible discovery of the most truth? In other words? Human hierarchy (Competence based), not f’n monkey’s hierarchy (Force based)!

Get a grip! Religion?….. evolutionary! Darwinian!