The Law!

Please tell me your joking?!

OK!, Lets see.

There are laws that physicists use. The “Laws” of the universe. They are observable everywhere. No matter where in time and/or space you’re observing from.
Mathematicians have laws of mathematics. You’ve heard the term “Mathematics is a universal language”?
It makes no difference where in the universe you are… 1 + 1 = 2 always has, does and will! There are biological laws. Laws of motion, Laws of thermodynamics, Laws of Gravity etc etc.

OK! So, laws are things that define stuff, identify stuff, and describe stuff everywhere, for all time.

Now, I know! We’re still sorting some of these out. But for the sake of the argument/concept, leave me alone for a minute
There’s a point coming.

The binding characteristic of these ideas/concepts is universality. They can be applied everywhere! No matter Geography, Culture, Time, Demographic etc. Lovely!

OK! Now. This is why Lawyers don’t practice “Law”. They practice rules and regulation division dependant on status. That status can be measured by the amount of force threatened, by the level influence to be introduced. Anything.

But what is not measured is How applicable, universally, what ever weird idea is being proposed.

Therefore it’s not possible for what Lawyers and politicians do to be considered “Law”. Most or none of it can applied universally!

We don’t have “Rule of Law” we have Rule of Influence and all the constructed lies that arise from that.