So, What comes first?… Rules or obedience?

I’d’a thought this obvious, to be honest? But, until it’s considered and thought through? I suppose not?

At some point humans developed speech. “Well yeah”! “Der Fred”
What’s not considered is the behaviour/interaction that must have have been accepted, forbidden or promoted before articulation was possible

This means the fundamentals of human behaviour and interaction is biological! Not constructed by “Rulers” or Authority inventing how people should be.

This also means “The Law” is discovered through observation of the natural interaction between people and those chosen to lead.

The further away from the natural interaction between Leadership and the polity in discovery of Law? The more likely a prospect of turmoil

Leadership doesn’t mould behaviour! The polity choose the leadership to lead behaviour to success and further prosperity

Further.. Leadership doesn’t create institutions. The polity “evolves” institutions to establish a foundation of action and behaviour. Not the other way around. Post modernists would have you believe that institutions are the backbone of the polity. Nope! Wrong! And anyone attempting to turn the polity/institutions tables? Is in for a world of disruption and confusion
Nothing will make sense!

And that is exactly what we see!

Get ready for the post modern constructionists to further their manipulation of what they’re determined to have everyone believe is a “blank slate” of human behaviour. To be moulded and manipulated in their own image