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We need to sort out this religous thing!

"But that means our Government is all wrong"?! "That's unbelievable"!

How many times do you get stuck in a "Loop" conversation?!

But it's the Law! The "Law" of the land. Yeh, right!

What Difference Does it make? It doesn't matter!

There are 3 types of people!

Racist? are you kidding?

Why stuff is the way it is

Free Markets are evil! Really?
Evil free Markets. Really?

Student to Rabbi..."I would like to learn Talmud"

Do you beleive in God
Do I believe in God?
Does God exist?

How did stuff get this way?

What is the most dangerous competitor to Global Business?
What would render a particular company/conglomerate no longer a participant in the system? Those with no real loyalty to their country of origin. Global!
Bureaucracy, Consumers, Employees, Activists?, just thinkin'' out loud with these.
You may come with some other ideas.

While we ponder that.... What is the most pressing threat to Politicians/Bureaucrats?
Voters, Each Other, Business?
What do the bureaucrats need the most? YOU! They need you, to rescue, to negotiate for, to provide for.
And what would stop that? Your freedom and liberty. Your ability to look after yourself. Your ability to negotiate disputes to achieve outcomes to your satisfaction. Your ability to look after your own family and community.
The closer to this you become? The less you need them to provide anything for you. You need Freedom, Liberty, Education and experience for this to happen. You no longer "Need" to Vote for anyone to save you and those around you. You'd have it covered!

OK! Let me explain a characteristic of the middle class.
The middle class is commonly regarded as a social and financial staging post.
The poor move into the middle class on their way to independence and the rich crash to the middle class after failure. Lovely. Social and financial mobility!
The middle Class also has surplus resources. They can save, raise capital, build businesses, provide assistance for community programs etc. Boy 'o boy They may even attend church. And that opens a whole new can of "We follow gods laws, not Man''s" can of worms.

Back to the first Question.
Biggest threat to Big Business? Competition!
Where does that come from? The middle class!, Saving money, Raising capital, building businesses!
OK We're getting somewhere? Yeh?
The Biggest threat to the bureaucracy? The Middle Class BBBZZZZZzzzzz.

"Hey I've got a great idea!?!?!" "Why don't we lobby the Bureaucracy for Laws and Regulations that will help society"?
"Better still"?... "Why don't we model the education system for what we need, and get the population and young people Job ready"? "Awesome"!
"We eliminate all competition right their"! "The bureaucracy becomes responsible for jobs and we get to educate/indoctrinate the people for the jobs/slaves we need".
"They'll vote for Jobs". "What a great idea"!

Where'd the Middle Class go? Voted out of existence!
When you're on your own?... In nice quiet surrounding and hear a little creaking? A slight squeak in the distance?
That's the foundations of system moving and struggling to hold up the weight of the current structure! :-)

What is opensource?

Why do you use the operating system you use?

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