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We need to sort out this religous thing!

"But that means our Government is all wrong"?! "That's unbelievable"!

How many times do you get stuck in a "Loop" conversation?!

But it's the Law! The "Law" of the land. Yeh, right!

What Difference Does it make? It doesn't matter!

There are 3 types of people!

Racist? are you kidding?

Why stuff is the way it is

Free Markets are evil! Really?
Evil free Markets. Really?

Student to Rabbi..."I would like to learn Talmud"

Do you beleive in God
Do I believe in God?
Does God exist?

There's 3 Types of people.

1. Sheep

2. Sheep Dogs

3. Wolves



Sheep are regular "joe's"
Wandering around , eating, sleeping, waiting to be shawn. Not doing anything unless someone else does it first
No problem!

Sheep Dogs

Sheep dogs are placed with the sheep at birth to become familiar with the sheep and so the sheep get used to having something other than a sheep hanging around.
Sheep dogs are the guards of the sheep. They're to warn of threats, or danger. When present? They round up the sheep and assist in getting them to safety.


Wolves prey on the sheep. They're the most imminent danger and threat to sheep.

Wolves don't like the sheep dogs!

Wolves are threatened and can be injured and fought off by the sheep dogs


My Question...
Who put the Sheep Dog there?
Shepard, maybe? ;-)

What is opensource?

Why do you use the operating system you use?

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